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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need two things:
  • The best medical care and
  • The best legal advice available.

Choosing the wrong lawyer or doctor can be disastrous. We protect you and your family by immediately giving you what you need NOW – our time and advice. Call us at 407-244-1212 or fill out the GET HELP NOW form, and we will be there with you every step of the way. You need peace of mind. We will help you get your car fixed, get your lost wages, and get back to living your normal life. You don’t need the anxiety and stress of dealing with an insurance company by yourself.

We know you need personal attention. You need a lawyer who will sit down to talk with you and listen to your concerns. We passionately pursue wrongdoers to obtain the most money, the highest settlement or jury verdict for each of our clients. We do not treat clients like a number to “feed” a huge advertising budget. We do not assign clients to a paralegal or investigator. You wouldn’t let an inexperienced surgeon operate on you - and likewise - we do not believe you should let a paralegal or inexperienced lawyer handle your case. We believe you deserve the best representation possible.

Dr. Walter Ward and Tony Caggiano consult together on all cases. As a Medical Doctor and Lawyer, Dr. Ward brings invaluable expertise to car accident, injury and medical malpractice cases. As a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist, Mr. Caggiano has achieved a level of recognition by The Florid Bar earned by less than 2 percent of all Florida Lawyers. We have found this combination very effective.

While every case is different and past successes are no guarantee of future results, if we can win a $30 Million Jury Verdict in a case where the insurance company offered nothing because the case was so difficult, we believe we can continue to obtain the highest settlement and jury verdicts possible for our clients. A limited number of cases mean more time for you...and we believe better results overall.


If you have been hurt by someone else's negligence you may not need an attorney, but you should arm yourself with good, quality information BEFORE dealing with the insurance company. We know that you are at risk of being taken advantage of by insurance companies before you have access to valuable information that previously could only be obtained by consulting with an attorney. Insurance companies may gain an unfair advantage if you give a recorded statement, sign a medical authorization, or you accept an offer before you know what your rights are. But you no longer need to arrange for a "free consultation" with a personal injury attorney and run the risk of being pressured into signing a contract to get the information you need. Now you can order the book: Seeking Justice: An Insider's Guide for the Injured.

Tony Caggiano shares what you need to know about insurance companies and how insurance companies try to defeat your claim. Learn to recognize deceptive lawyer advertising and the steps you can follow to find the right attorney for your case. Reading this valuable book helps prevent you from being another victim of insurance company tricks and slick advertising. By completing the Get Help Now form, we will send you an immediate email that includes excerpts from the book, revealing the “5 Deadly Mistakes You Must Avoid” during the legal process.


At Ward & Caggiano, we empower our clients. You need to know that every legal claim presents challenges. We teach you everything you need to know so you will be fully informed and prepared for every challenge along the way. Together, we will take on the insurance companies and their team of lawyers.

We have fought against against insurance companies since 1987; and, we have often exceeded our client expectations.Our goal is to continue to provide exceptional legal representation throughout Florida in Car Accident, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice Cases. Our compassion for our clients is only matched by our aggressive pursuit of every legal claim. We passionately seek justice for our clients while providing peace of mind. Contact Us now. Of course, you owe us nothing unless we can accept your case and make a recovery.

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